The following Goldratt Books titles are now available as Kindle e-books and may be ordered through Amazon:

  • The Goal 
  • Critical Chain
  • It’s Not Luck
  • Isn’t It Obvious?
  • The Choice (revised edition)
  • Necessary but Not Sufficient
  • The Theory of Constraints
  • The Haystack Syndrome
  • The Race
  • Production the TOC Way with Simulator (revised)

The following Goldratt Books titles are now available for download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iBooks and on your computer with iTunes.

  • The Goal (25th anniversary edition)
  • It’s Not Luck
  • Isn’t It Obvious?

The following Goldratt Books title is available in Nook format from Barnes & Noble:

  • The Choice (revised edition)


For Social Thinking and Gadd Books titles, please reference the particular book and/or Amazon or Barnes & Noble.