Midnight Rounds

Richard GreeneDr. Charlie Davids is a regular guy. He survived a decade of medical training and is now working in the Emergency Room at a small rural hospital in western Massachusetts.

Life is pretty good for Charlie. He likes his job. He has enough time to go running, to see concerts and to enjoy the outdoors. And he has just met Patty, the woman with whom he wants to share his life.

But everything is about to change. Returning home one evening, he finds a balding, overweight mobster named Sal waiting in his living room. In semi-retirement, Sal handles the the employee health department for the local organized crime family. Sal tells Charlie that he has been chosen to be their new company Doc. Now Charlie’s time is not his own, and his life is in danger.

Midnight Rounds is the story of Charlie’s struggle to extricate himself from the Mob, and regain control over his own life and protect those he loves. In order to do this, trying not to violate his personal and medical ethics, he will finally stumble upon the only option open to him.

Midnight Rounds
by Richard Greene, M.D.
ISBN: 0-9774053-0-3
PRICE: $14.95