Abortion: The A Word

Mary Ann SorrentinoIn order to understand why abortion must be kept safe, legal and available  we must look at many of its aspects as they affect real people we know and  love. It is necessary to face the discussion head on by stripping the issue of  its mystery and baggage, and shining a light on abortion as a choice  relatively few women actually choose, but one which most Americans do not  wish to lose. The most rational way to approach this may be to look at  the personal side of that discussion and examine the rhetoric through a filter  of actual human experiences.

These are people you know. So this is about them, and the issue that  affects all of us in the most personal and intimate way possible.

Mary Ann Sorrentino, a leading abortion rights advocate and former  Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island, was publicly  declared excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church and called  “public enemy number one of the unborn.”

“Ms. Sorrentino, I am in your debt.”  —Justice Harry A. Blackmun, Supreme Court of the United States

Abortion: The A Word
by Mary Ann Sorrentino
ISBN: 0-9774053-3-8
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