The Vanilla Envelope

Derek GentileThe Vanilla Envelope is a traditional murder mystery with an atypical detective. Tony Rizzuto is not a hard-boiled PI; he practices yoga, eats only cereal topped with a bizarre variety of fruits and vegetables, and feels true remorse when forced to resort to violence. Soon after he’s hired to investigate what appears to be a straightforward theft at a prominent nonprofit venue, the prime suspect turns up dead. So, Tony uses not force, but charm; not shadowy underworld sources, but former girlfriends, to get to the bottom of this increasingly complicated case.

Derek Gentile is an award-winning journalist for the Berkshire Eagle. He is the author of eight nonfiction books including The Complete Boston Red Sox, The Complete New York Yankees, and a history of professional basketball: Smooth Moves. This is his first novel.

The Vanilla Envelope
by Derek Gentile
ISBN: 978-09774053-6-7
PRICE: $14.95
Publication Date: March 4, 2008