Gadd BooksRose is a sequel to Ruth’s much acclaimed first novel, Sarah’s Daughter, the story of a young girl in the late-19th century who loses her mother to a tragic accident, and loses her childhood at the same time. The protagonist, Rose Hibbard, is a typical American teenager for whom cooking on a woodstove, pumping water, emptying chamber pots and reading by kerosene lamps is the norm. When her mother is killed in a freak accident Rose is forced to run the household and care for her younger siblings.

“Delighted readers of Ruth Bass’ Sarah’s Daughter were enchanted by Rose, the young girl growing up in a 19th-century small New England town. Bass continues her eventful story, as Rose blossoms into a resilient, forgiving, resolute young woman with a native intelligence that shields her vulnerability. Rose, like its predecessor, is enthralling—touching, wrenching, joyous, irresistible. Together [they] form a treasured journey to long remember.:    —Gene Shalit, NBC-TV

By Ruth Bass
ISBN 978-0-88427-908-2