The Day After Midnight

Richard GreenePraise for The Day After Midnight

“…the sequel has everything that made the first charming and lovable.”
“…this book is even better than the first: It has real soul.”  —The Berkshire Eagle

“…a satisfying and suspenseful crime novel and a love story to a marriage, life in the ER of a small hospital, and a beautiful part of the world, loved and described lovingly.”  —The Independent

The Day After Midnight

It’s three years later and Dr. Charlie Davids thinks he’s said goodbye to Sal and his days as the ER doc on call for the Mob. He has married Patty, and they have settled into a quiet life of domesticity. But Charlie can’t seem to put the past behind him, and he soon finds himself in another round of trouble. Faced with hostile visits from menacing strangers and repeated attempts on his life, Charlie must free himself from the underworld once and for all.
This time, however, the circumstances have changed, and Charlie doesn’t have to face the danger alone. Bolstered by a network of loyal friends, Charlie takes on both the Mob and the FBI in this next installment in the Dr. Charlie Davids series. Richard Greene’s second novel, The Day After Midnight, is a crime novel that is original and heartening as it explores issues of individual accountability, social responsibility, and living life to its fullest.

The Day After Midnight
by Richard Greene, M.D.
ISBN: 978-0-9774053-8-1
Price: $14.95